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brielle simonee (she / her) is a queer, black, femme tarot reader. she was raised on and currently resides on ohlone land (oakland, ca).


as a scorpio sun, she does not shy away from the shadow side of life. as a pisces moon, she is intuitive, receptive and tuned-in.


but at the end of the day, she's truly thankful for her leo rising, which brings a playful warmth to her watery insides and makes sure she remembers to have (more than) a little fun​

her obsession with tarot came to her the way most things in her life do - hot. heavy. and out of "nowhere."

other things gabrielle is obsessed with include:

  •  sweet potato fries

  •  aries, libra and earth sign energy

  •  doing live karaoke

  •  dark purple walls

  •  solange

  •  throwing events for the queer / trans community 

  •  and selenite

she likes her romances charged like The Knight of Wands, her friendships joyous like Three of Cups, and her home primed to embody The Moon...

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